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The save regime of the Pepto Bismol - 17 Jul 2015 06:51


Now a day the world is getting so many advances that the drugs for the animals are also get invented. These drugs are specified according to the symptoms. They just treat the relevant symptoms. But still people ask about how much safe it will be. The pepto bismol is being used for the treatment of the diarrhea, vomiting and the nausea. While treating the symptoms it also produces the rare adverse effects. Therefore the people ask the question Is it safe to give my dog pepto bismol. So the answer is YES it is safe but everything is safe in his own regime. Therefore the pepto bismol is safe in the specific dose that while be discussed further in the sub heading.


The Dose that should be given to Dog of the Pepto Bismol

As the humans in the dogs to the dosage and that of its frequency totally depends upon the following factors:

•Overall health

Out of these factors the other factors are that the dog is able to consume the medicines. This is done because it is contraindicated with some of the drugs so first you have to make sure that the dog didn’t consumed any drug before it that has any type of the drug interaction with the pepto bismol. We have to administer the dose according the factors that are being mentioned above. The dose that should be administered according to weight is you have to give 0.5-1ml of the drug on average of per pound. For the best results you must have to concern the doctor. That will be able to manage the dose by keenly examining the situation.

The duration of the Drug Intake

The drug pepto bismol should not to be administering for more than two to three days. As the it also have the sever adverse effect which may be some times are life threatening. You have to take the medication and then concern the doctor if the symptoms are still not corrected.

The alternative solution

There are two dosage forms that are being available. If your dog is not taking syrup then you can administer the tablets to the dog. So most probably the readers that have the question Is it safe to give my dog pepto bismol may had get the answer of it. The other question that is being asked mostly is that for how much duration we have to take the medicine - Comments: 0

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